New Colony Film was established in 2020 by a small team of people with over 20 years experience in the industry. Working exclusively in feature film and television production, our goal is to create and develop compelling stories, which not only entertain but also inspire the viewer. 
Taking people on journey's to new worlds, throughout history and beyond.
Meet The Team
Daniel J. Kenney
Producer, MD
A graduate of the New York Film Academy (NYC), Dan (from Nottingham, UK) has worked on period Television series, BBC documentaries, Short Films, music videos, commercials, corporates, and live events since 2001. Through extensive production experience, across multiple roles, Dan is laser-focused on telling great stories and building strong collaborative relationships.
Richard Parkin
Director, Producer
From Nottingham, UK, a graduate of the New York Film Academy (NYC). Richard set up his own award winning production company in 2011, specialising in bringing his cinematic style to corporate projects, celebrity interviews, promotional films and more. He has worked on various productions from short films all the way to his first feature film, Madness in the Method, which released in 2019. Experienced in working with high profile clients and celebrities, Richard provides extensive creative input in to all aspects of production for television & film, and is passionate about collaborating to bring great visions to the screen.
George Shiakallis
Business Development Director
From JHB, South Africa, George's background is in sales and business development. Having years of experience in the corporate world of finance and the technology sector, George has a knack for getting things done and turning abstract ideas into reality. His focus in New Colony is working with investors, distributors and sales agents to ensure each projects success for all the stakeholders involved. George also manages day-to-day operations at New Colony Film
Lewis Fawcett
Creative Director, Writer
Originally from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Lewis is the Creative Director and Head Writer for New Colony Film. Now based in London, he has experience writing in both period drama and comedy genres. He develops new story ideas for film and T.V. as well as contributing towards the creative process on other projects. 
At New Colony Film we are dedicated to Diversity, inclusion and social and corporate responsibility. You can read about our commitment to diversity and inclusion here. - Diversity  Social Responsibility
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