Story Development & Pre-Production
At New Colony Film, we specialise in concept and story development for video and film projects. Using our proven development methodology, we collaborate to develop your project. Your dedicated producer will guide you from the initial project brief and goal setting through to finalising ready for production. We specialise in TV Series, Film- short and Long form as well as Music video and commercial projects.
Directors and Producers
Whether you have an in-house or preferred 3rd party production company, our Directors and Producers can join your team to bring consistency from pre-production into production. Our team can ensure the project delivers on all the agreed story points to achieve the maximum results right through to post-production.
We have some serious filmmaking talent in our network, with skills covering all facets of the production and post production phases. Directors, Cinematographers, Writers, Gaffers, Editors and Colourists. Using our team for the full production capabilities will deliver exactly the results you would hope for in whichever geography the story is based.
Global Coverage
Regardless of where you are based in the world. Our team utilise the latest technologies and processes to collaborate remotely as well as being able to travel globally to be right where the action is.