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'Just Leave' - Mighty & The Moon - Music Video March 2018

EXCITING TIMES!!! New Colony Film, is currently engaged with an up and coming band from Hull in the UK. With a new album due for release in 2018, New Colony Film is developing a music video for the launch single. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, behind the scenes and other news!

The Launch - May 2018

So we are seriously pleased to announce the launch of Mighty & The Moons first music video -  'Just Leave' . With a lot of hard work from all involved the video is now launched and live and just in time for the bands Album launch concert on 1st June 2018 at Fruit in Hull UK.



The Shoot

March  2018 - New Colony Film worked on location across Cyprus. Below are a selection of behind the scenes photos from the shoot.


Time is moving along and with roughly two weeks until the shoot, Cast and crew are beginning to form. Take a peek below at those soon to be highly recognisable faces! 

Behind the Camera

Dan Kenney.jpg

Daniel Kenney -

Director & Editor

Dan the founder of New Colony Film, studied at the New York Film Academy and has worked Freelance since 2001. Dan has worked on many commercial projects for names like the BBC and on Independent projects for TV.


George Shiakallis - Producer and AD

A partner at New Colony Film, George has worked mainly in the corporate sector. A key organiser and a keen wit George knows how to keep the production focused and on message.

Georges pic will be along shortly after he practises his brooding look.


Loris Marinoni -

Director of Photography

Loris is an established Director and DP from Milan. Founder of his own production company Nadir Communication, Loris recently moved to Cyprus and brings with him a wealth of experience in Corporate and creative filmmaking.

The Cast


Nicos Tsouris - Jack

Nicos, based in Cyprus is an Actor, and model with a wealth of experience from Theatre through to TV Commercials. Featured here as Captain America! He's a whopping 6ft 3in and carries a presence with him in to any room. Check him out this amazing talent at


Erato Christou - Lucy

Erato is a new talent to the film world with a background in Theatre. She is currently studying Psychology in Cyprus.

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