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Need a music video

I've really been thinking its time to make a music video. We personally have quite bit of music video experience over the years. Having worked with various directors for EarAche records in Nottingham. If your in to heavy metal then thats the place to go. Check out Scars of the Crucifix by Deicide or some of the videos for Mortiis. 

Now DJK Film Studio is thoroughly up and running, I've been giving it some thought and its time to see what local bands there are and see if we can create some great visual stories to launch their music. 

Therefore the call is out. If your a band in Cyprus or a band who wants to make a music video in Cyprus then drop us a line. We'd be willing to work on an expenses only basis as long as the video is based in and around Cyprus. 

All music genres are welcome and we'd be open to discussing a variety of different visual concepts and styles. 

Watch out on Facebook as we get the word out.

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