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Current Projects
New Colony Film is currently engaged in the development of several Feature Film and TV projects. Details can be found below.
Format: Feature Film
Current Stage: Development
A While fighting a secret battle with PTSD, a young British soldier must confront his inner demons in order to survive. When he finds himself left for dead, stranded in the harsh Icelandic wilderness.
Format: Mini Series
Current Stage: Script Development
A true story set in 19th Century Germany. With great scientific discoveries come great responsibilities. For one of the greatest scientists of his age his struggles for acceptance pushes him to cross boundaries that has cataclysmic repercussions through the ages.​​​​​​​
Format: Feature Film
Current Stage: Script Development
A true story told from multiple perspectives during one of the worst convoys of World War 2. Whilst sailing through the Arctic a convoy is hunted day and night from air and below the waves. The Sailors try everything to outpace their pursuers.
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