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Change of Name

Hi All, you may have noticed that our company has recently changed name. Actually its more of added a name for a brand purposes. DJK Film Studio still exists but will be the exclusive channel for wedding Videography and Photography. 

Meanwhile our main site here has become NEW COLONY FILM. New Colony will exclusively feature video production and video editing services for the commercial and corporate sector. 

Its an exciting time and we think the definite split will help people understand the services we offer better and where to get them.

The Team Assembles

This week we are another step closer to the filming date and with it the crew and cast are beginning to assemble. With some great talent on and off camera as well as a beautiful track from our band you can expect a music video of great sensory splendour.

On Camera our Male Lead will be the fabulous Nicos Tsouris, joined by Erato Christou a fabulous and up and coming talent. 

Behind camera, the great Cinematographer Loris Marinoni, Producer George Shiakallis and Director Dan Kenney.

Check out the production site for the bios and mugshots!

Pre-production Phase - Music Video

So its been a while to post, but after a few set backs over the Christmas break and New Year we are moving full tilt in to the Pre-production of the music video project we mentioned before. 

The call has gone out for 2 of the 3 roles with a local actor already having been enrolled for the lead Male. Exciting times for all. Once the cast is full in place bios and some headshots of the lucky actors will be shared. 

In the meantime the scripting is finished and we are actively starting to create the shot list and plan the shoot ready for early March. As the time gets closer more pictures will be shared for all those who are interested to see behind the scenes and some of the awesome locations we will be shooting. Assuming the weather holds unlike the last few days its going to be visually bright and vibrant courtesy of that almost year round Cyprus sunshine.

In the meantime, feel free to subscribe for further updates and I will try to post more frequently now things are getting moving.

 This could be a good place to shoot. Lets see!!

This could be a good place to shoot. Lets see!!

Music Video update

So some weeks back we sent out the word that we want to work on a music video!! Wow it took all of one day before several bands were in touch. After a few conversations with a local band from Hull in the UK it seems we both struck gold. We want to make a video and they wanted a video to launch with their new album. 

Last week I heard the killer track and I loved it immediately. So now in full pre production and idea development mode. I’ll keep you all posted as things move along. Perhaps a spot of location scouting and location photography to get even more inspiration. Anyway I’ll keep you all posted and updated as the video comes to fruition.

ciao for now  



Need a music video

I've really been thinking its time to make a music video. We personally have quite bit of music video experience over the years. Having worked with various directors for EarAche records in Nottingham. If your in to heavy metal then thats the place to go. Check out Scars of the Crucifix by Deicide or some of the videos for Mortiis. 

Now DJK Film Studio is thoroughly up and running, I've been giving it some thought and its time to see what local bands there are and see if we can create some great visual stories to launch their music. 

Therefore the call is out. If your a band in Cyprus or a band who wants to make a music video in Cyprus then drop us a line. We'd be willing to work on an expenses only basis as long as the video is based in and around Cyprus. 

All music genres are welcome and we'd be open to discussing a variety of different visual concepts and styles. 

Watch out on Facebook as we get the word out.

Canon Profiles

Anyone an owner of a Canon DSLR and do lots of video work? I found a really great article the other day on the best Canon picture profiles. They help improve dynamic range and provide a flat picture profile which is superb for editing and especially videos that will go through colour grading. Check out the following at Philip Bloom. Not only information on the profiles but great tips on how to get the profiles loaded to your camera too.

Let me know your favourites. I personally opt for Cinestyle as its suits my day to day needs and gives me that extra edge for grading.

Film Diary

Launching today is the DJK Film Studio Film Diary. 

From here I'll be talking about all things film. Talking about some of the latest camera techniques or gear, latest looks or sequences in the top new movies and of course great film maker tools and services that I come across. 

Feel free to subscribe, like, follow, comment and contact me any time... oh and of course standard rules apply, be courteous and refrain from profanity.

So its time to look forward to plenty of exciting content and news from DJK Film Studio. 


Privacy Policy