At New Colony Film, we believe stories on the camera should reflect the stories off of the camera. We are firmly committed to growing our business on the principles of inclusion, diversity and human rights. We believe that these principles inspire creativity and are critical to developing a sustainable business. We surround ourselves with employees and collaborators from all backgrounds. We strive to ensure we deliver on our objectives of being fair, objective, supportive and completely free from discrimination; within our company, board and staff appointments and across our conceptualisations, productions, and activities. 
Our diversity and inclusion efforts focus on:
Leading and managing inclusively – embracing different cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religion, disability and socio-economic, cultural diversity
Treating each other in a mutually respectful and trusting manner and seeking to create a workplace environment that does not allow for discrimination.
Every individual is entitled to fair, dignified and respectful treatment. We are committed to equal opportunities and encourage a respectful and diverse workplace in which each individual’s unique value is recognised, and each person is treated with courtesy, honesty and dignity. Harassment, bullying or intimidation is prohibited. 
All decisions regarding recruiting, hiring, disciplinary measures and promotion, and other conditions of employment must be administered free from any illegal, discriminatory practices.
Attracting independent thinkers is clearly connected to maintaining diversity in our business. We want to emphasise the importance of recruiting our colleagues from a wide variety of backgrounds. We want people who are passionate about their ideas and about the stories they want to tell.

Our content aims to:
Ensure our material reflects the diversity of the various cultures we serve
Be engaging with our audiences in a way that reflects and respects a wide range of unique perspectives, experiences and backgrounds
We offer our audiences the broadest and most inclusive spectrum of entertainment and informational content possible; high-quality productions for all – regardless of culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability

Our diversity and inclusion objectives, and progress towards achieving them, are assessed annually to ensure they align with our business and talent objectives.
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