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Commercial Services

Taking our years of experience, we work directly with you to capture the drama and the emotion of any event or project and weave the story in an understandable, visually stunning and timeless video. 



Music Videos

Short Films

Corporate & Business

Live Events

Marketing and Social media campaigns

For more information, contact us to start discussing your project or event.


See what we have been up to this year with an all new Video Gallery of projects and experimental films coming soon!



Filming a project is only half the battle! Taking the visuals and turning them in to a dynamic unfolding story is the domain of the editor. 

At New Colony Film, we extensive knowledge and experience in taking your visual story and weaving it in to the epic story you envisioned. Once the story is ready we are able to bring to bear our full capabilities in digital colour grading to create an artistic, styalised and creative feel to almost any project.

For more information on our Editing and Colour grading services please contact us!

Film Workshops

Coming Soon...

Are you the next Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg? Ever wanted to learn the craft of film making. New Colony Film will shortly announce its film workshops in Cyprus for small groups wishing to learn the film makers craft. From conceiving the idea to filming and editing. Each course is fully immersive and hands on, resulting in a completed short film or music video; which you can take away as part of your personal film show reel. 

Privacy Policy