Meet the Team

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el J. Kenney

Filmmaker, Creative Story Development

A graduate of the New York Film Academy (NYC), Dan (from Nottingham, UK) has worked on period TV series, BBC documentaries, music videos, commercials, corporates and live events since 2001. Since making Cyprus his primary base; Dan quickly saw what was missing in most of the media… Purpose. Too many videos lacked direction or purpose and focused mainly on cool visuals. Through extensive production experience Dan knew the key ingredient was focusing on characters, story and a strong collaborative process to ensure they stayed centre in every film. New Colony Film was born out of the need to deliver those core values.


George Shiakallis

Producer & Creative Story Development

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, George has a background in market analysis and marketing for business. George has a razor edged focus on understanding peoples needs and developing those in to a story that emotionally engages.