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New Colony Film was founded in 2018 by creative and long time British film maker Daniel J. Kenney.

After making Cyprus their permanent residence, Dan acknowledged it was finally time to make the leap and create his own production company. A company founded on collaborative and creative filmmaking for those looking to elevate their message. Whether a corporate looking to advertise or increase its brand awareness; a band looking to promote a new single or album or even just helping someones voice to be heard above the crowd. The team have dedicated their time to being creative and working hand in hand collaboratively on all projects no matter the scale and size. 

New Colony Film specialises in delivering creative film services; with full coverage in the Republic of Cyprus and the World. Wherever your story is, thats where we will be.

The Team

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Daniel J. Kenney -

Director, Editor, Filmmaker


A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Dan has worked on period TV series, BBC documentaries, music videos, commercials, corporates and live events since 2001. Since making Cyprus his primary base; Dan had a dream to create a film and video production company of his own. New Colony Film was born out of that dream.


George Shiakallis -Producer, 

Creative Development


Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, George has a background in market analysis and marketing for business. George has a razor edged focus on understanding requirements and converting those creatively into the visual package.

Privacy Policy